Whitney Lockert

It's been said that Whitney Lockert has "the soul of a poet, the voice of Tom Petty, and the hair of Marcia Brady." It's also been said that his music "demonstrates... mastery of just about every country sub-genre" (Adobe and Teardrops blog). He is also a singer/songwriter who claims in song to hate singer/songwriters, and a musician who loves music. At once familiar and fresh, original and timeless, his songs reflect a wide range of influences, expanding on classic rock, blues, folk, and yes, country, songwriting traditions. While Whitney is not afraid to toy with the conventions of those forms or to have a little fun with timeworn cliches, he does so in a manner that is always refreshing and never feels like simple retread. Like Neil Young with a sense of humor, or Tom Petty collaborating with the Magnetic Fields, Whitney combines virtuosic guitar playing with catchy melodies and incisive lyrics to form a style that is as subtle as it is powerful.